Let it flow….

Fluidity…. I just like the word.  The sound the word makes me happy… it’s fun to say.  I like the thought too, and am really trying to incorporate it into my daily life.  You see, I’m a big-time planner.  I plan everything.  I make lists; I make lists of things I need to add to my lists.  I plan my menus two weeks out.  I have certain household chores that I do on certain days, etc… etc… Some may call it anal,  I prefer organized.  I’m happy when I have my act together.

Having said that… I find I need a bit more “flow” in my life.  Things, occasionally, need to just happen.  If a friend calls with a last-minute dinner suggestion, I need to jump on it because generally, I truly enjoy it.  If hubby and I don’t absolutely need to be somewhere at a certain time, maybe we shouldn’t plan exactly what time we’ll get there (and more often than not arrive 5 minutes early).  We’ll get there when we get there.  Case in point was a day-long get-together we were invited to recently.  “Arrive anytime after 12” the invite said.  For once, we didn’t plan our departure time.  When things got done and we were ready, we left.  We hit unexpected traffic and didn’t panic.  We made an unplanned stop because we wanted to check out a new place.  We were still there before the majority of the people arrived, we stayed just as long as we wanted, and we had a fabulous time.  Nothing planned….everything gained.

Yep,  I think we can all use a little more flow in our lives. Say it with me: “Fluidity”.