Everything’s Perfectly Fine … Until It’s Not

remodelingIt’s funny how content we are with things around us — or at least I am.  I mean, I love where we live and I like my cozy little house.  Then I’ll notice something and it all goes to pot!

Right before the holidays I started thinking about maybe it was time for a new couch in the living room.  The old couch looked fine, but I had begun to notice a tremendous lack of support.  While comfy,  it was getting harder and harder to get out of.  The springs were shot.  So, off hubby and I go to look for a new couch.  That got us thinking.  Big problem, that thinking stuff is. 

Right now we have a sectional.  The couch before this couch was a sectional as well.  Maybe it was time to branch out and go old school and get a simple sofa … and maybe an armchair.  That would be nice. So that’s what we did. Of course we found the perfect sofa and chair combination but it had to be custom-made out of just the right fabric and color.  That would take 8-10 weeks.  No problem!  We still have our sectional.  Or, rather, we did still have our sectional until last week when we found a friend-of-a-friend whose daughter needed a new couch and would be willing to pick it up.  So now we are couch-less.

Having a relatively empty living room makes you notice things.  Like that big wall.  Why is it still white?  I hate white walls.  I know, let’s paint it! Which is exactly what we did this weekend.

Well now that the room has hardly any furniture in it, wouldn’t it be nice to get the hardwood floors refinished?  I mean, how easy would that be?  Hardly anything would need to be moved and the new sofa and chair would have a shiny, new beautiful floor to show it off.  So… this Friday we’re getting our floors sanded and refinished.

Well, OK, there is no possible way we could even think of putting our old area rug down on the brand new, shiny floor under the wonderfully new, custom sofa and chair and up against the freshly painted wall!  It would look hideous!!  So yes, the new area rug has been ordered as well.

Funny how everything in that living room was perfect — until it wasn’t!  I can’t wait until our new room is finished … if it is ever finished!