I love it when a plan comes together…. even when I didn’t know I had a plan.  This morning I began my morning walk from the Lincoln Park Zoo back home as I do several times a week.

First off, a confession:  There is another man in my life.  His name is Caruso and, well… how do I put this?  He’s a lesser ape.  A White-Cheeked Gibbon to be exact.  Anyway, we have had our little “thing” for many years now.  He definitely recognizes me and greets me whenever I stop by.  If the weather is cold and he’s inside, I get a little dance from him.  If the weather is nice (like it was this morning), he swings over to me and sings a little song.  This connection between us always brightens my day and can easily count as my Quick Qi all on its own.

This morning was the first time in many months that I saw him outside. He immediately swung over and chattered out his greeting song and then proceeded to sit by me and suck his thumb.  Normal procedure — I don’t judge.

As I said my farewell and headed off home, I was thinking to myself how wonderful it was that the weather had finally changed and warmed up and I was enjoying all the fabulous landscaping and spring flowers that abound at the zoo as I put in my iPod and hit “play” for my walk/jog home.

First song up? .  My all-time favorite artist, Jamie Cullum singing one of his best.  These are the days…. indeed!