Two Takes on the Same Day

Kids are funny.  What I think I appreciate most about them is their total and utter honesty.  They don’t beat around the bush, they don’t gloss over things, and they certainly don’t hide their true feelings.

Case in point:  I’m walking to the train on Monday and my path takes me by a very nice, popular park with a children’s water playground in it.  As I’m approaching said park I come up behind a little girl, I’m guessing around 4, being pushed in a stroller by — and again here I’m guessing — her grandmother.  She’s going on and on telling her grandmother about the park that they are approaching:  “It’s just the most beautiful park in the world!  The water thingy is so much fun!  And there are these great swings and slides, and oh, I just love it so much!!”

I smile at her exuberance as I pass them going along my merry way.  Then at the entrance to the park there is a little boy, again I’m thinking he’s about the same age — 4, maybe 5 — in the throes of a total and utter meltdown!  As his mother is trying to talk some sense into him I hear him scream: “I just don’t feel like being pleasant today!!!”

Ah moods!  We’ve all got ’em, don’t we?!