One Little Reason I Love Chicago

I have lived in this house, in this neighborhood, for 10 years now.  Hubby and I love anything having to do with food… cooking, restaurants…but in particular… we like the eating!  I’d like to think I know all of the hip places, the great hole-in-the-wall spots, and the local gems around here.  After all… we take our hobbies seriously.  I scour magazines for recipes, I collect cookbooks and I read up on every restaurant opening, chef change, and menu tweak happening throughout Chicago.

So how in the world did I NOT know about Las Tablas on Lincoln Avenue??  Apparently it has been in existence almost as long as we’ve lived here!

It all began many months ago with my morning Groupon email.  In it was an offering at Las Tablas Columbian Steakhouse.  Well, we like steak!  My Godfather is Columbian… what’s not to like?  Of course I’ll buy the Groupon.

Fast-forward to this week.  In going through all of my Groupons (99% of them being for restaurants) I see that this one will expire at the end of the month.  Sounds like a mid-week date night to me!!  So off we go.

Another shocker — this place is easy walking distance from our house….seriously, like a half mile!!  We have never seen it before.  We walk into the cute family run restaurant and notice that, while the restaurant itself is filling up quickly.  The bar is blissfully empty.  And what’s this?  The Cubs game is on??  Say no more!  We sit down and start to peruse the menu.  Oh my… skirt steak, ribeye, chicken, chorizo…. so many choices how will we ever decide?  Our wonderfully charming bartender Mario suggests the Picada Colombiana — the sampler platter for two.

The rest… as they say…. is history. Everything was incredibly good, but the skirt steak was sensational!  A wonderful evening with a fabulous date, enjoying a complete and total meat-stravaganza!  Gotta love Chicago!  And yes… I’m still full!