Another reason to love Chicago

Yesterday I head down to the lakefront to do an easy 2.5 mile jog/walk combo workout.  I’m feeling pretty good as I’m finishing up and decide to pick up the pace a bit.  I approach a group of four Chicago Parks and Recreation workers doing some repair work on a harbor parking lot.

One of the guys is slowly moving their truck backwards towards the running path.  Obviously, I slow down to let him through.  All four guys stop working, the guy in the truck leans out the window and says….”You go ahead hon … you’re working MUCH harder than we are!”

Thanks!…. I think.

It’s All In The Delivery

Complaints… regrets… insecurities…  we all have them, right?  And, at times we all like to vent, rant or simply whine about them.  I have recently realized that while we all have things that are bothering us, how we go about expressing them can make all the difference.  Not only in how others react and respond to us, but quite possibly in how we handle the problems ourselves and how we face future challenges and disappointments.

Case in point:  A while back I logged onto my Facebook homepage.  The following two posts from friends appeared within minutes of each other and were listed one right after the other:

Friend #1:  I’m totally miserable and am really questioning if I made the right career choice … so exhausted and unhappy all the time.

Friend #2: Why doesn’t tiramisu go straight to my boobs instead?

I think I know which one will pull themselves out of their slump…. don’t you?

Seems Logical To Me

So yesterday I went to the local branch of my bank to deposit a check.  I went inside and was immediately followed by a mother and a boy around 5 years old.  As I began to work my magic at the ATM machine, I overhear the following conversation between mom and child:

Child:  “Mom, what is that woman putting into the machine?”

Mom: “I think she’s making a deposit.”

Child: “What’s a deposit?”

Mom: “It’s when you put money in the machine that then goes to your bank account.”

Child: “Are we going to make a deposit?”

Mom: “No, we are waiting to take money out of the machine.  That’s called a withdrawal.”

Child: “We’re going to take money out of the machine?”

Mom: “Yes.”

Child:  “Why don’t we just trade with that lady?”

Gotta love the logic of kids!