Sometimes…Ya Gotta Dance!

This week, on a very cold, rainy day, my husband and I made out way to our first Chicago Cubs game.  It is late April and we are bundled up in long underwear, polar fleece, parkas, etc…  As we make our way down our street talking about if we are going to make it past the 3rd inning in this weather, I happened to glance across the street and immediately stopped short.  There, through the living room window of a lovely house, I spied my Quick Qi.  A little girl – I’m guessing she was about 3 – appeared twirling and dancing with such unbridled joy that her exuberance could be felt across the street.  But what made this unexpected moment even better was what she was wearing….. absolutely nothing!  She was totally naked and couldn’t be happier.  My husband and I went on our way chuckling and enjoyed 9 innings of fabulous, but very cold, Cubs baseball.  And we won!