Seems Logical To Me

So yesterday I went to the local branch of my bank to deposit a check.  I went inside and was immediately followed by a mother and a boy around 5 years old.  As I began to work my magic at the ATM machine, I overhear the following conversation between mom and child:

Child:  “Mom, what is that woman putting into the machine?”

Mom: “I think she’s making a deposit.”

Child: “What’s a deposit?”

Mom: “It’s when you put money in the machine that then goes to your bank account.”

Child: “Are we going to make a deposit?”

Mom: “No, we are waiting to take money out of the machine.  That’s called a withdrawal.”

Child: “We’re going to take money out of the machine?”

Mom: “Yes.”

Child:  “Why don’t we just trade with that lady?”

Gotta love the logic of kids!