Weekly Winner: Tikka Take Two – India, Meet Italy.

IMG_0580.JPG So, by now you all know of my deep, abiding love of Chicken Tikka Masala. As I posted back in January (see How the Heck Did I Miss This?)  this is always one of my favorite dishes that I make. It also is very popular with the people that I cook for. So this week, when once again I found myself with some leftover Tikka Masala and dough for homemade naan, my husband came up with a brilliant idea — Tikka Masala Pizza on homemade naan.

Another true food passion of ours is — pizza!  We love the traditional, the meatless, the meat-full, the frozen, the freshly made, the red sauced, the white sauced, the unique, the adventurous.  Chances are if it (or its creator) calls it a pizza, we’re probably going to like it.  There are different levels of pizza tastiness  and without a doubt some are better than others, but really, is there ever a truly bad pizza?  No, I didn’t think so.

But this pizza — wow, it was spectacular!  As accommodating as I am with different styles of pizza. I am a firm believer that all pizzas need some cheese.  So for this we decided on some fresh ricotta and just a bit of Manchego which we had left over. All in all it was a bicultural, multi-national success. The recipe for the Chicken Tikka Masala was detailed in January’s post.  For the crust, my husband used half of the naan dough recipe and simply formed it out on our very well-used pizza stone and baked in a 450F oven.

It was a triumph!


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