Weekly Winner: An Open Love Letter to My Butchers

Grilled Pork chopsI’m just going to put this out there right now.  I love pig.  There is very little you can do to pork and pork products that I don’t dearly love.  And if you take bacon out of the equation (OK, I shed a little tear just now at the thought of that), probably my next favorite part of pork is a nice, big, juicy, bone-in pork chop that is correctly (read: not overly) cooked.

So this week’s Weekly Winner isn’t really a recipe.  Yes, it was the best thing that was prepared in my house all week, but rather than it being a real recipe, it is an open love letter to Paulina Meat Market.  This is my butcher shop.  This is the place I go to feel better.  Some people believe in therapy to feel better about themselves, some people rely on houses of worship to find inspiration, and some pop pills to improve their mood.  Me?  I go to Paulina.  Or the Lincoln Park Zoo but that’s another post.  And don’t worry, I’ve never confused the two and gone to the zoo looking for an exotic rib roast.  At Paulina I can find therapy in the conversations with the butchers, inspiration from just looking in the cases and taking a deep breath to inhale the heavenly aroma of smoked meats, and I always come home with something guaranteed to improve my mood (including a pound or two of their own house-smoked bacon).

Case in point: Grilled Pork Chops with Cherry Tomatoes and Garlic Butter.  The originating thought for this recipe came from Real Simple magazine.  Basically that was the recipe for the garlic-thyme butter.  While they simply grilled chops served with grilled cherry tomatoes, I thought the addition of baby Yukon Gold potatoes would round out the meal a bit.  And I had them on hand.

So this entry does not so much contain a recipe as a personal plea from me.  Find a good butcher shop.  Go there, and get to know the butchers.  Buy the best meat you can afford.  You simply will not be disappointed.  And to all of my boys at Paulina, thank you and I’ll see you soon!


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