The Dreaded, Beloved, Daily Grind

Appointment Book Calendar and PenAh, a new year.  The hustle of the holidays comes screeching to a halt.  Decorations packed away…excess pounds packed on.  Time to face reality.  Time to start back up with the oft-maligned Daily Grind.

Personally, I couldn’t be happier about it.  They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and while I do occasionally enjoy the flights of fancy that having nothing planned can bring, I have a renewed love and appreciation of knowing what lies ahead.  Back to work….there are schedules to keep, plans to make, weekly menus to create, and daily to-do’s to happily check off.  I am once again in my element.

I, for one, get a bit jittery when confronted with too much “winging it”.  A little spontaneity is a wonderful thing, but too much and I just can’t focus and begin to feel out of sorts.

So last week, while friends were bemoaning the end of vacations and time off, I was shining up my 2013 daytimer, filing away new recipes, completely revamping my pantry and purging closets left and right.  On Monday, I awoke like a little kid anxiously awaiting the first day of school.  Hey Daily Grind?  Welcome Back!  What took you so long?

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