The Strange Allure of the Orange Glitter Ball

The World’s Dorkiest Cat strikes again.  This rather odd-looking thing is what we are referring to as a glitter ball.  The cat (Gene) is completely and utterly obsessed with it.  He has many other toys that used to entertain and delight him … for a while.  Like all cats, his preference for toys (as well as sleeping places, treats, people, just about everything) changes and goes through cycles.  Not the glitter ball.

This all started about a month ago when the World’s Dorkiest Cat’s sitter came by.  She visits and cares for him when we travel.  Recently, she lost her own cat and decided to bequeath some toys and other goodies to Gene.  Among these things were quite a few of these glitter balls … all different colors.  Since day one it has always been the orange one.  I thought animals could not differentiate colors.  Perhaps I was mistaken.

This ball is carried, thrown, hidden, hatched, stared at, stalked and pretty much obsessed over during most waking hours.  And I’ve noticed that those waking hours has significantly increased since the arrival of the orange glitter ball.

I love it when pets seem to think and plan for themselves.  Gene’s entire concept of play has changed since coming in contact with the orange glitter ball.  It used to be all about the chase.  You threw something –  he’d chase it and bat it around.  Done.  Total elapsed time?  Approximately 35 seconds.  Now, we play fetch.  Yes, he’s actually learned to retrieve and drop it at my feet.  But mostly he entertains himself.  Deliberately placing it at the top of one of our staircases so he can ever so strategically “accidentally” knock it down the stairs and then attack it.  He throws it and must then pounce on it to teach it the appropriate lesson.  He lays on it and “hatches” it so when he moves ever so slightly he can be surprised to find it hiding under him.  He purposely places it next to closet doors so he can stuff it under the door and then spend hours on his side trying to retrieve it while banging said closet door incessantly (this, by the way, is best done at around 2am and the bedroom closet seems particularly suited for this). The total elapsed playing time with the magic orange glitter ball can last hours.

The other morning I was convinced he ate it.  I could not find it anywhere.  We searched high and low in all closets, bathtubs (another favorite playground) and under all furniture.  It was gone.  It wasn’t until I decided to make the bed that I found it…. tucked safely away under my pillow.

What exactly is it about this thing??  Whatever it is, it makes me laugh and makes The World’s Dorkiest Cat just that much dorkier.

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