It’s All In The Delivery

Complaints… regrets… insecurities…  we all have them, right?  And, at times we all like to vent, rant or simply whine about them.  I have recently realized that while we all have things that are bothering us, how we go about expressing them can make all the difference.  Not only in how others react and respond to us, but quite possibly in how we handle the problems ourselves and how we face future challenges and disappointments.

Case in point:  A while back I logged onto my Facebook homepage.  The following two posts from friends appeared within minutes of each other and were listed one right after the other:

Friend #1:  I’m totally miserable and am really questioning if I made the right career choice … so exhausted and unhappy all the time.

Friend #2: Why doesn’t tiramisu go straight to my boobs instead?

I think I know which one will pull themselves out of their slump…. don’t you?

Keep Calm…(scream into a pillow)… And Carry On

I simply hate that things rarely go as planned.  I am a planner.  I have a vision for how things should go and I plan accordingly.  Funny thing is… it never seems to go down that way.  Life, as the saying goes, has a funny way of getting in the way.

Recently, I was blissfully enjoying an idyllic vacation in Hawaii.  I knew I had several weeks before Christmas and therefore plenty of time to finish my shopping, get things shipped, bake cookies, and basically get my holiday jingle on.  While there, I found out that my mom was scheduled to have an emergency knee replacement the following week.  On the phone with Mom, I heard myself saying all the correct things: “Of course I’ll fly home that week to help with rehab and recovery.  No problem… I’ll be there.”

Hang up phone.  Panic!  Pace!  Scream!  Whine!  How in the world was I going to get everything done in time?  What about all my carefully laid plans??  What about my beloved schedule??  What about me??

That’s when I took a very long, very strenuous walk and several gigantic deep breaths.  Acknowledge – move on.  Crap happens and I have to learn to deal with it.  All along I knew what I HAD to do. The biggest step for me, as always, was to realize I wasn’t going to change it.  Life would go on.  Adjustments would be made.

And you know what?  I’m just about ready.  Gifts were mail-ordered instead of hand-picked.  Cookie recipes were cut to just a few.  Holiday cards were written in a one-night marathon session with no personal notes inside.  Promises were made to “The World’s Dorkiest Cat” that extra love and attention would be paid after the holidays.  It is what it is…. and it will be just fine.