Morning Glory

Adelor was my breakfast companion this morning.  On my way home from the Green City Market, I stopped and sat by his exhibit to enjoy a moment of his magnificent-ness.  Adelor and I go way back.  His roar can be heard not only throughout Lincoln Park Zoo, but into the neighborhood has well.  He makes me happy and I consider myself lucky to be able to spend a moment gazing at this incredible creature.

For those of you who say they do not approve of zoos, know this:  Adelor is 18 years old and beginning to lose his eyesight.  He has not lost any of his lust for life, nor any of his pride and his two female companions still dote on him.  My question is this:  How different would this handsome devil’s life be if it wasn’t for the loving care he is receiving at the zoo?  If left in the wild, sadly Adelor would simply not be.


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