Morning Glory

Adelor was my breakfast companion this morning.  On my way home from the Green City Market, I stopped and sat by his exhibit to enjoy a moment of his magnificent-ness.  Adelor and I go way back.  His roar can be heard not only throughout Lincoln Park Zoo, but into the neighborhood has well.  He makes me happy and I consider myself lucky to be able to spend a moment gazing at this incredible creature.

For those of you who say they do not approve of zoos, know this:  Adelor is 18 years old and beginning to lose his eyesight.  He has not lost any of his lust for life, nor any of his pride and his two female companions still dote on him.  My question is this:  How different would this handsome devil’s life be if it wasn’t for the loving care he is receiving at the zoo?  If left in the wild, sadly Adelor would simply not be.

With Friends Like These….

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know.  When was the last time you really thought about who your friends are?  I’m not talking big, philosophical picture here like what their character is like or if you can trust them.  No, I’m talking about what it is your friends actually do for a living — how they spend the majority of their lives when they are not hanging out with you, being your friend.

Recently I applied for a public relations project that sounded promising.  Along with the usual application and request for professional references, I was also asked to include a couple of personal references.  It got me thinking.  As I conducted a mental inventory of all of my close friends, (the ones that I know would attempt to shower my name with compliments and not bring up any embarrassing incidences they may have witnessed) I was amazed by the vast breadth of knowledge and work being done by my friends.  There are business owners, vice presidents and authors.  Some are in the medical field.  Some are IT gurus, business managers and even a few in the theater and music industry!  I’m just saying… If you need an ego boost and want to feel a bit better about yourself… don’t look in the mirror.  Look at your friends!  You’ve got to be pretty special if these people want to hang with you!

Do Unto Others… As They Want

Sometimes, it is not all about me.  You may not find that surprising, but I always do.

Last weekend I went on a mother/daughter road trip.  Me, my sister, and Mom.  The idea was to use this trip as a birthday present for my mom.  Great idea in theory, very risky in practice.

All three of us have preconceived notions of what constitutes an enjoyable trip.  Also, as all families do, we each have our predetermined role we play.  My role is that of planner, travel agent, etc…  Where we go, what we do, where we eat (and many times, what my mother orders) always seems to be up to me.  I come by this role honestly.  It’s what I do and anyone that knows me knows I plan everything!  I have menus planned for two weeks out.  I have my weekly workouts done a month in advance.  I make lists, I research, I have lists of things to add to my lists!  But not this time… this time I just let things happen.

Not that I was totally unprepared.  This trip was the daughters’ gift to Mom, so besides the destination, obviously there were hotel arrangements and driving directions to obtain.  But really, other than that…. I let go.

Was every stop and every activity as I would have planned it if it was just my husband and I?  Absolutely not.  But then again, it wasn’t all about me (again – gasp!).  We stumbled upon restaurants and went back to find places we passed earlier that looked interesting.  We surveyed maps and decided what we would do together.  There were some very pleasant surprises, and some rather humorous disappointments.  But you know what?  A grand time was had by all… particularly my mother.  And seeing her have a good time and truly enjoying herself was what it was all about after all.  Besides, I can always go back and check out that zoo on my own sometime!